About Us

Our aim is to provide the complete service, so you get picked up at the airport and the van is already loaded with backline and merchandise, the hotels and ferries are booked and driver/tourmanager has all the directions and informations you need.

The only thing you have to do is to play the show. Since we all came from the DIY/punkrock/hardcore scene (played in bands, booked shows and tours…) we gained a lot experiences from there.

We use vans and nightliners thar are custom built just for touring. See sections VAN RENTAL and MINI NIGHTLINER.

  • We have wide range of stage equipment for rent. See the section BACKLINE RENTAL.
  • We can arrange producing of your merch too (t-shirts, pins, posters etc.),† so you do not have to worry about shipping it to Europe or getting hassled by customs at the airport.
  • We can take care of all the logistics for your tour (hotels, ferries, highway tolls).
  • We can handle the whole production communication with your booking agent.
  • If you would like to rehearse before you hit the road we can arrange rehearsal places in Prague or Amsterdam.
  • We also can provide door to door transport. If your gear is stored at one place and you need to get it on the other side of the continent we will take care of that.

Our crew is well experienced and skilled. See the section REFERENCES. We can be hired for single jobs as well as tourmanagers, backline techs, merch people…

Get in touch with us through form or call +420 603 517 991, +420 731 455 412.