Accused, Adolescents, Akron Family, All In The Golden Afternoon, Authority Zero, Atheist, Boris, Barn Owl, Big Sexy Noise, Bear Claw, Black Breath, Black Dahlia Murder, Black Lips, Black Tusk, Bouncing Souls, Bad Luck Charms, Casualties, Chooglin, Coliseum, Comeback Kid, Creepshow, Converge, Corrosion of Conformity, Darkest Hour, Dead To Me, Dixie Witch, Death By Stereo, Easy Star Allstar, Ensign, Envy, Every Time I Die, Flatfoot 56, Fruit Bats, Generators, Hot Snakes, Hot Water Music, Impaled, Julie Christmas, Kid Congo & Pink Monkey Birds, Liars, Ludicra, Mammifer, Misery Index, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Mono, Most Precious Blood, Narrows, Neon Indian, No Trigger, NOFX, No Use For A Name, Obits, OFF !, Old Man Markley, Oxbow, Paramount Styles, Pennywise, Raised Fist, Red Sparowes, Russian Circles, Scout Nibblet, Shellac, Silverstein, Storm of Light, Street Dogs, Strike Anywhere, SunnO))), Swinging Utters, The Get Up Kids, The Drift, Throwing Muses, Times New Viking, Turbo AC’s, This Will Destroy You, Unsane, Ulver, US Bombs, Veara, White Hills, Widowspeak, Wilhelm Scream, Wolves In The Throne Room, Wolveserpent, YOB


Zeros, Casualties, Om, Sunn O))), Ulver, Joey Cape, Spoon, Obits, Pontiak, White Hills, Shai Hulud, Dub LFO, Young Gods, Emery, Moneen, Russian Circles, Despised Icon, Mother, Deadline, Mono, Earthless, Wilhelm Scream, Pennywise, Strike Anywhere, Bouncing Souls, Hepcat, Steve Von Till, Barzin, Grails, Narrows, Boris, APSE, Dirty Sweet, Dinosaur Jr., Wolves In The Throne Room, State Radio, Attitude Adjustment, Almighty Defenders, Bellini, Rise And Fall, Flowers For Whores, Saviours, Mission of Burma, Shellac, Casting Out, Death By Stereo, Bleeding Through, Hot Water Music, RX Bandits, NOFX, Shack Shakers, The Get Up Kids, Converge, Kylesa, Gaza, Kvelertak, Sarah Blasko, Anberlin, Sleepy Sun, Strike Anywhere, Comeback Kid, Dead To Me, Far From Finished, This Will Destroy You, A Storm of Light, Fang Island, Turbo AC’s, Mice Parade, Red Sparowes, Misery Index, Coliseum, Swinging Utters, Black Breath, Helmet, US Bombs, Torche, Creepshow, Daath, Aethenor


Butthole Surfers, Cockney Rejects, Cult Of Luna, Black Lips, Eskimo Joe, Deadline, Origin, Sunn O))), Lovedrug, Torche, Atheist, A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, Vetiver, Thema 11, Mono, Creepshow, Karma To Burn, Sleepy Sun, Flatliners, Isis, Dead To Me, Young Widows, Edie Sedgwick, Lightning Bolt, Girls Against Boys, Paramount Styles, Joey Cape, US Xmas, Shelllac, Matmos, Men Without God, Akron Family, Gregor Samsa, Flowers For Whores, Saviours, Lvmen, Black Dahlia Murder, Far From Finished, Darkest Hour, Ken Hensley, Minsk, Emery, Envy, Misery Index, Despised Icon, Slim Jim Phantom, Storm Of Light, Earthless, Pontiac, Big Sexy Noise, APSE, Reagan Youth, Lenka, Obits, Spitfire, Hattrickers, Black President, The Get Up Kids, August Burns Red, Neurosis, Adolescents, Bouncing Souls, Easy Star Allstar, Holy Fuck, Me First And Gimme Gimmies, Napalm Death, No Use For A Name, NOFX, Paperchase, Transitional, Eagle Twin, Mamiffer


Enon, Chip Hanna, Briggs, Flowers For Whores, Deadly Sins, Society Parasites, Amanda Rogers, Lvmen, Strike Anywhere, Isis, Deerhunter,Reagan Youth, Asva, Duke Spirit, Ruiner, Deadline, Shellac, Converge, Casualties, C, Bear Claw, Boris, Growing, Vicious Circle, Mouthguard, Corps, Casting Out, Black Lips, Matmos, Turbo AC’s, Darkest Hour, Tossers, Gallon Drunk, Current 93, Gregor Samsa, High On Fire, Envy, Oxbow, Propaghandi, Vicious Circle, State Radio, Crime In Stereo, Ruiner, MDC, Nine Rain, Lag Wagon, NOFX, Pennywise, Neurosis, Storm Of Light, Sleeping People, Red Sparowes, Cursed, Cancer Bats, Liars, Paperchase, Far From Finished, Ruiner, Death Set, Impalers, Go Jimmy Go, Misery Index, Pulling Teeth, Mission Of Burma, No Use For A Name, Paramount Styles, Smoke or Fire, Qui, Nebula, Torche, Pelican, Lightning Bolt, Maps & Atlases, These Arms Are Snakes, Russian Circles, Pulling Teeth, Don Caballero, Courteeners, Bleeding Through


Casualties, Vicious Circle, I Am Ghost, Total Liberation, Epoxies, Avengers, Uzi&Ari, Tuxedomoon, Saviours, Lvmen, The Clouds, Steve Brodsky‘ s Octave Museum, Parkway Drive, On Broken Wings, Carpathian, Bleeding Through, All Shall Perish, Necrophagist, Misery Index, Die Princess Die, Shellac, Go It Alone, Red Sparowes, Mick Harvey, Front Line Assembly, Leftover Crack, Deadline, Suffocation, Nebula, Crosstops, The Ponys, Chip Hanna, Briggs, Get Hustle, Pelican, Paperchase, Isis, These Arms Are Snakes, Converge, Russian Circles, Daughters, Turbo AC’s, Cribbs, Far From Finished, Cancer Bats, APSE, Boris, Anberline, NOFX, Oxbow, Lag Wagon, RX Bandits, Antelope, Gallon Drunk, Deerhunter, Angel City Outcasts, Rise&Fall, Animosity, Chris Harford, Envy, Jesu, Enon, High on Fire, Liars, Pinback, Minus the Bear, Earth, Sunn O)))


Stretch Arm Strong, With Honour, Most Precious Blood, Bleeding Through, Avengers, Cave In, Lag Wagon, 25 Ta Life, Doomriders, Red Sparowes, Liars, Misery Index, Scotch Greens, Dog Soldiers, GoGoGo Airheart, Dry Kill Logic, Man Alive, Boris, Deadline, Epoxies, Gang Gang Dance, Generators, Nebula, Sword, Gregor Samsa, Tall Ships, Richmond Fontaine, Jesu, Black Heart Procession, Sunshine, Suicide File, Panic, Real McKenzies, Briggs, Exploited, Chip Hanna, Isis, Front Line Assembly, Mouthguard, Deerhunter, Shai Hulud, Five Horse Johnson, Gallon Drunk, Don Caballero, Kid Congo, Turbo AC¥s, Flowers for Whores, Daughters, This Is Hell, Unwed Sailor, Sandy Dillon, Made Out of Babies, Lvmen


Wage Of Sin, Bleeding Through, Alif, Converge, Isis, Deadline, VHS or Beta, Koufax, Kid Congo, Buried Inside, Million Dollar Marxists, Modern Life Is War, Ringworm, Boris, Paperchase, Hot Snakes, Young Gods, Turbo AC¥s, Darkest Hour, Deadline, Undying, Rogue Wave, US Bombs, Killing Joke, Lonely Kings, Sunshine, Turmoil, Cursed, Stretch Arm Strong, Asian Dub Foundation, Insted, Supersystem, Even in Blackouts, Red Sparowes, Chumbawamba, Year Future, Omar Quintet


Pistol Grip, Converge, Darkest Hour, Hunns, Deadline, Modern Life Is War, Turbo AC¥s, ZAO, Stretch Arm Strong, Haymarket Riot, Death Cab For Cutie, 90 Day Men, June Panic, Ensign, Shai Hulud, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Heaven Shall Burn, Champion, Radio 4, Black Eyes, 9 Days Wonder, Starlite Desparation, Hope Conspiracy, Challenger, Enon


AtomBombPocketKnife, Radio 4, Out Hud, Ten Grand, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, GBH, Elliott, Rumblers, Azure Ray, Koufax, Enon, NY rel X, Varukers, Stretch Arm Strong, Darkest Hour, Give Up The Ghost, US Bombs, One Man Army, Agent Orange, Cable Car Theory, The Faint, Tarantel, National Blue, MDC, Sick On The Bus, Youth Brigade, Enon


Awkward Thought, Milemarker, Elliott, HWM, Converge, Bane, US Bombs, †Garrison, Stereo, Lvmen, Sunshine, CaveIn, Stereo, Give Up The Ghost, Piebald, River City High, Discontent, Pleasure Forever, Liar, Dead Kennedys


90 Day Men, Garrison ATDI, Hunns, US Bombs, Lvmen, Rival Schools, Engine Down, Sunshine, As Friends Rust, Strike Anywhere, Marky Ramone and the Speed Kings, Hot Water Music, Q and not U


Queers, Hot Water Music, Lvmen, ATDI, Ensign, Jersey, Stereo, Spider Cunts, Pachinko, Cro-Mags, Slapshot


Converge, Hi-Fives, Ensign, Songs for Emma, Sweep the Leg Johnny, Dropkick Murphys

1995 – 1998

4 Walls Falling, Lifetime, Sense Field, Gameface, Suicide Machines