About Us

  • We provide services for bands on tour since 1994, we offer one stop shopping, you can book vans, backline, crew and tour supplies by writing one email. See REFERENCES for list of bands that we have been working with. 
  • We offer wide range of music equipment (guitar amps, cabs & combos, bass amps, cabs & combos, keyboards, drums, cymbals, percussion instruments, DJ equipment, orchestral instruments etc.) See BACKLINE RENTAL.
  • We have fleet of splitter vans and cargo vans customized for touring. See VAN RENTAL.
  • We work with number of experienced drivers / tourmanagers / backline techs / merch sellers (multitasking possible)
  • We can arrange producing of your merch too (t-shirts, pins, posters etc.)
  • We can administrate ATA carnets for your tours.
  • If you would like to rehearse before you hit the road we can book rehearsal place close to our warehouse (walking distance).
  • We can provide door to door cargo transport all over Europe.
  • We can provide storage service for affordable prices.